New homepages, new possibilities: Diagnostica Medical Oy homepage project

Uudet kotisivut, uudet mahdollisuudet: Diagnostica Medical Oy -kotisivuprojekti

New homepages, new possibilities: Diagnostica Medical Oy homepage project

We are happy to present our latest website project, which we implemented for Diagnostica Medical Oy. Diagnostica Medical Oy is a leading wholesaler of laboratory and hospital supplies, whose operation is based on strong customer orientation and expert service. This project was particularly exciting as we practically completely revamped very outdated pages and moved to the modern Shopify e-commerce platform. In this blog update, we will tell you in detail about the project and its importance for Diagnostica Medical Oy.

Old to new: Nebula to Shopify

The first and perhaps the most significant change in the project was the transition from the old Nebula homepage system to the modern Shopify e-commerce platform. Nebula had served Diagnostica Medical Oy faithfully for years, but as the company grew and the needs changed, it was time to update the site to meet today's requirements.

Shopify offers versatile features and opportunities for running an online store, and it is particularly suitable for companies that want to offer their customers an easy-to-use and intuitive shopping experience. In the case of Diagnostica Medical Oy, switching to Shopify opened up new opportunities for managing the online store as well as improving the customer experience.

Hidden prices and offer-based trading

What is special about Diagnostica Medical Oy's online store is that the prices of the products are hidden from the customer's wishes. This gives the company flexibility in pricing and enables individual offers to be made to customers. Hidden prices encourage customers to contact and negotiate the best prices, which promotes interaction and deepening customer relationships.

In addition, the online store emphasizes offer-based shopping, which means that customers can request offers for the products and services they want. This approach enables an individual and customized service for each customer, which is essential in the field of laboratory and hospital supplies, where needs can vary greatly depending on the customer.

Practical and stylish user interface

On the new website, we focused on usability and visual appearance. We wanted to create a user-friendly and stylish interface that would attract customers to get to know our product range and make purchases effortlessly.

Using Shopify's versatile themes, we built a site that is both easy to navigate and visually appealing. We used clear categories and a search function so that customers can quickly find the products they are looking for. In addition, we invested in responsive design, which means that the site works seamlessly on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Customer-oriented service and reliable deliveries

Diagnostica Medical Oy's operation is strongly based on customer-oriented service and reliable deliveries. With the new website, we wanted to emphasize the company's values ​​and commitment to customer satisfaction.

The website has clear contact information and a contact form, which customers can use to easily get in touch and request additional information or offers. In addition, we emphasize fast and reliable deliveries, which is essential in the field of laboratory and hospital supplies, where the required products can be acute and urgent.


Diagnostica Medical Oy's website project was an inspiring and rewarding experience, where we moved from the old Nebula home page system to the modern Shopify e-commerce platform. The new pages offer customers an even better shopping experience and enable individual and customized service for each customer. We are proud of our cooperation with Diagnostica Medical Oy and look forward to future opportunities.

Visit the new website at diagnostica.fi and feel free to contact us - we are happy to serve and offer the best possible service

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The end result is a professional, functional website that best represents our company overall.

E. Matikainen – Diagnostica Medical Oy




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