The beginning of a new era: the ROBUST e-commerce project

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The beginning of a new era: the ROBUST e-commerce project

We are happy to tell you about our latest project, which we realized for the ROBUST brand. ROBUST is a domestic specialist in supplements and wellness products, whose products support a healthy and active lifestyle. The project started when ROBUST contacted us wanting to move from a phone-based store to a modern online store. They had already created the homepage themselves a few years ago, but the project had been put aside for a while. In this blog post, we open up the details of the project and tell you how we helped the ROBUST brand take a big step towards a more digital future.

Mapping of the initial situation

At the beginning of the project, we went through ROBUST's current homepage and sales processes. ROBUST had relied on telephone sales for a long time, but now wanted to expand its operations online in order to offer its customers an easy-to-use and comprehensive online store. The homepages already existed, but they needed updating and modernization in order to meet the requirements of today's e-commerce.

Updating and modernizing the homepage

The first step was to update and modernize ROBUST's existing homepage. We used modern e-commerce solutions and made sure that the site is visually attractive and easy to use. We designed the site to reflect the values ​​of the ROBUST brand and highlight their high quality domestic supplements and wellness products.

User-friendly online store

One of the main goals of the project was to create a user-friendly online store that makes shopping effortless and pleasant. When designing the online store, we paid special attention to the following points:

  1. Easy navigation: The structure and navigation of the site must be clear and intuitive so that customers can easily find the products they are looking for.

  2. Visual appeal: We used high-quality images and a modern design that appeals to customers and creates a trustworthy and professional impression.

  3. Mobile-friendliness: More and more customers shop on mobile devices, so we made sure the site works seamlessly on all devices.

Product presentation and Customer reviews

When selling supplements and wellness products, it is important to offer customers as much information about the products as possible. We created detailed product pages that explain the composition, instructions for use and benefits of each product. In addition, we introduced customer reviews, which help new customers make purchase decisions based on the experiences of other users.

SEO and digital marketing

In order for ROBUST's online store to reach as wide an audience as possible, we invested heavily in search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing. With the help of SEO, we ensured that the site is easily found in search engines using relevant keywords. Our digital marketing strategy also included the use of social media and email marketing, which we use to reach both current and potential customers.

Integration and customer service

We integrate several tools into the online store that improve the customer experience and make shopping easier. These include, for example, real-time chat customer service, which offers quick help and answers to customers' questions. In addition, we created clear payment options and delivery methods that make shopping effortless and safe.


ROBUST's online store project was an inspiring and rewarding experience, where we moved from a phone sales-oriented store to a modern online store. We updated and modernized the homepage, created a user-friendly online store and invested in SEO and digital marketing. The end result is a modern and attractive online store that serves customers better and supports the growth of the ROBUST brand in the digital world.

Visit the new website . We want to constantly improve our services and offer the best possible user experience. Welcome to shop and support domestic well-being!

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